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>> i will welcome our guests.
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>> well, she is so hot you can fry an egg on her back. i am here with maesha. and andrew wk and record producer. and he has more 8 balls than a pool hall. it is bill shultz. and he is a lovable lefty and a back room brawler and he is a first time guest and i love him to death. he is the co co-host of "the five." and he is a contemptible creep who treats his readers like sheep. it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> keep this guy away from me. i am worried he might smoke the section. >> where is this coming from? since when do you judge people by their hair? >> do not speak to me, and keep that rock and roll away from me as well. >> i bet you are happy beckles is here. >> i would be happy if i can
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smile. >> you have no lips. >> do you make a living doing this? >> styles are a little -- times are a little tough. as you note, i am a little thinner than i used to be. >> yes. >> but you still use drugs and so that's the important thing. >> p tuts the sick in -- it puts the sick in classic. i speak of "breakfast at tiffany's" this 1961 flick is scheduled to be screened at a park in new york city in august, but now a woman started a petition. she is doing it because she believes the film is racist. why? maybe this. >> darling, i am sorry. but i lost my key. >> well that was two weeks ago. you cannot go on keeping them. you must have a key made. >> she may have a point there. that is mickey rooney's character. critics in the past have
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called him a cringe-enducing stereo type. some agree saying, quote, by screening this film, the organizers are sanctioning the racism it contains and subjecting new audiences including children and asian-americans to a menstrual show of ideology. it is 2011. it is new york, and we still have to fight the hostile, hurtful world of 1961 hollywood. one of the organizers responded by saying they, quote, recognize one character is an offensive stereo type, but it does not negate the value of the film as a classic. speaking of american classic cinema -- see some people might call that catish. >> well come to the program. >> -- welcome to the program. >> i hate cats.
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they always look like they know more than you do. you should get rid of them. why have them around? they get fur balls everywhere. they are a waste of time. i hate cats. i don't know who that dude was who started it out. he is funny. >> you have never seen this show before. >> no. when i used to do cocaine i never would have watched it. >> you don't have to go far. >> i got the 8 ball pick up. >> actually, i will talk to you after the show. >> fine. >> but speaking of it, is that your real nose? >> no, it is the third one. >> that is a very personal thing, you know. >> you brought it up. >> if i didn't have it i would go -- talking about you. >> we haven't even gotten to the story yet.
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1961 this movie was out and it was a classic. should we shun old movies in which their sensibilities might not fit ours today 1234*. >> fit ours today? no. look i am a liberal and i am worried about politically correct things most of the time. i can get away with saying things you can't say. but what's the big deal? i don't get it. i know mickey rooney personally. he is a former drunk and a nice guy. he is. walt disney named him mickey. did you know that sf. >> really? >> yeah, true story. but it is not worth going through. >> walt disney named the mouse mickey. >> he asked mickey -- whatever his name is, edward rooney, when his mother took him to california to be a child star he wandered into disney and there was walt disney showing this new mouse. and mickey rooney said, you should call him mickey. he said, that's a good idea. and then he adopted the name mickey. that's a true story.
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>> do you believe that? >> yes because i'm just so psyched that you are here and we are able to discuss mickey mickey mouse. i have been here like, what, 20 times? >> my kid made me listen to your music last night because he was appalled i didn't keep up with your music. it was fine. >> thank you. that means a lot. >> you obviously understand and get more than most people in a lifetime. >> i forgot my 30s. that's the problem. >> we are going to get back to that. . >> welcome to the show. you are still here. >> how are you? >> i'm good, i'm good. >> if it was a bad movie no one would come. but it is a classic film, so everybody is going to see it. should they leave it the way it is, or should they erase that scene? >> they should leave it the way it is.
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there are so many films that contain racial stereo typing for comic relief and so many other reasons. then would you have to ban "borat" because it offends the people of was swrik stan. you would have to ban all mofia films because it makes italian-americans look bad. >> we would have no movies. >> we would be watching "sisterhood of the traveling pants." >> no, we wouldn't. >> this is important. persians are violent and italians are hooked on the mofia. >> i am persian and i am not violent. >> she is very gentle. >> i have a persian cat who is a sweetheart. >> he doesn't like cats anyway. >> why does anybody like them? >> they don't sit like dogs
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do. all they do is leave fur balls around and they lick you. and then the worst part is when you are hung over a cat can sit there in the living room like, i know exactly what your problem is. >> basically the cat is your conscience. >> i don't know where cats came from, but they should get rid of them. they should be banned. >> greg, considering andrew wk's dress code i am worried bob will snort him. >> you didn't tell me i had to come here -- i should have worn a carpenter's outfit. when i first met him i thought he was a painter. >> it happens a lot to me. >> the butcher, the painter. >> you might find this hard to believe, but i used to have hair as long as yours. it has come around, i see. either that or your records aren't doing well and it is a little of both. >> breakfast with tiffany's.
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>> as a boy you idolized high dough go lightly. why? >> i am here. -- i am her. i do not know where i am right now. this is a time capsule and it capsule lats the racial morse of the day. if we ignore history we are doomed to something, something. i forgot how the old adage goes. it is still something to think about. >> on a serious note here, just remember that it wasn't too many years before this movie was done that we were at war with the japanese. it took a longtime to use the word jap all the time. i wasn't alive, believe it or not, but somebody asked if i ever covered calvin cool ledge. -- coolidge. but my brother was in the movie "pearl harbor" and i just saw it the other night. there was a lot of animosity toward japanese-americans. it is true. >> the one thing i don't like about the woman in the petition is that she assumes
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that we don't understand that it is bigoted. it is just like, oh, she has to take it -- >> that's what all sensors say. they are like, i know better. these people don't get it. they can't think for themselves, so i have to edit it for them. from you offended by something, you don't participate. she has a right to do this partition. well, the city better not respond to this. no matter how many signatures it gets -- >> isn't it in a park? >> first, if you don't like it, don't take your kids to the damn thing. it is not like it is on television, right? >> no. >> why are we talking about this? >> they do show the movie on tv. >> they do? >> yeah. >> i am told glen beck is not going to go. >> just because something hurts your feelings doesn't mean you can can sell it out of existence. >> i'm sorry. i forgot we were on fox.
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>> to the greg-alogue. it is a latte of enlighten meant in a coffee shop of confusion. so my wife is out of town which means i can tell everyone how much i love mila. this is her and her and her. like my wife, she is from the ukraine which is somewhere over there. and like my wife she is super awesome for a number of reasons. she accepted the invitation by a young soldier to attend the marine ball. and scheduled to permit, she keeps on going. it is like she said while promoting her new flick friends with benefits. the interview asked if she had ever been in one of the relationships by herself. she said, i haven't. but i can give you my stance. it is like communism, good in theory, but execution has
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failed. why do people put themselves through the torture? but she proves she is smarter than just about every major movie star. she was able to deflate one of hollywood and dismissing a deadly ideology that displays glowing depictions of big screens. it puts her above any of the common hollywood intellectuals, the type parading at the local starbucks. i am talking to you more tin son. maybe it is because she is ukrainian and understands how important a market and a moral compass is. that is under the thumb of a system that rejected both. or maybe she is just really smart. either way that's why i like her. not because she is hot, not at all. if you disagree with me, are you a racist homophobe. >> what do you make of her comments? were they refreshing? and if so why? >> they were incredibly refreshing. there is a tendency in hollywood to glorify casual sex. you can see it in movies all the time "sex and the city"
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the movie she is in, and there is nothing wonderful or glamorous about cooking up with someone and then getting hurt or getting abandoned or getting std's or hiv or something horrible like that. the fact that the youngest, hottest star out there is talking about this, hopefully it will be a message that resonates with young people who are having sex at a young age. and 8 million to 9 million a year get an std, greg. >> don't i know it. andrew, you live the rock star life. are you ashamed of yourself now after hearing from mila? are you ashamed? >> i have done nothing to be ashamed about in my entire life besides being born. after that though -- no, i was raised in an era where the public schools were really educating kids about sex and about drugs and all of the things that could potentially harm us. we had a very intense view of sex. i think it is an oxymoron or the use of the word casual.
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it is not casual. it is an intense experience no matter how you cut it. i think people who are having casual sex are tricking themselves or thinking that it is an easy thing. they want the drama. they want the intensity. >> that's meaningful. >> are you all out of your mind. >> and she is too. >> defend communism. >> it is not communism. i want friends with benefits when i got off this damn show. >> my hero. >> i point out that today the former soviet union, including the ukraine, most of the best prostitutes in america are here. >> don't say that. >> they are! go to any high class bar. >> i can give uh number. >> is this why you have to leave early tonight? >> no, i have something else i have to do. i don't understand this morality. when did this happen? my generation never bought
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into this stuff. i came up with a perfect period. after the pill and before aids. therefore condoms didn't exist. they were unnecessary. you just needed 20 shots for vaw their y'all disease. >> 8300 young people contracted hiv in 2009. what do you say about that? >> it is terrible. now you have to make me feel bad. >> you have to wrap it up. >> okay, i'm sorry they contracted that. it is terrible. it is too bad it didn't have it when i brought up. >> the reason they got it was everybody before was having too much fun, right? >> are you asking me that question? >> i don't know. >> it is a lousy question. go ahead. >> bill, you consider your right hand a friend with benefits. >> and its name is mila. >> i'm sure you endorsed the practice because you have no values whatsoever. >> well, neither do you. i remember you before you were married. and much like m li a you are
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full of it, sir. mila, if you read your page 6 was out with a different guy every night. >> exactly right. >> she was with macaulay culkin for like 20 years. >> that's why she was with a different guy every night. >> you are exactly right. that's why she wanted out of the soviet union so she could mess around. and you must have a bad thing with your old lady. you did more kiss ass to your wife during that monologue than i have ever seen. i was married for six years, and i understand you want to stay married. i didn't. i married a professional golfer. i got four lessons and it cost me half a million a lesson. the stroke was never any better or any worse. so has your old lady got you backed up to the wall? come on. why doesn't she come in and co-host with you? he spends more time talking
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about his old lady. it is very nice. he is in love. only because she could have done better and he cooperate. -- he couldn't. >> you know why husbands never get laid? it is because they refer to their wives as old ladies. >> maybe that's why you got divorced. you kept calling her the old lady. >> is that true? >> and you can't say friend with benefits. that's wrong. >> if that's wrong, i don't want to be right. >> i apologize to your wife for this segment. >> do i think it is intense? hell yeah. >> i am going to move on. no, i am not going to move on. >> i am sober now and clean now. 11 years and six months without drugs or alcohol, and i have my third nose and i'm happy and i can live
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vicariously through -- >> why did you -- did the second one not work? >> have you ever try seven grams a night? and then they started using rat poison. it used to be pure, and then they put the [bleep] on the streets and it was terrible. >> we will have to bleep rat poison. >> i guess we have to take a break. >> good idea. >> coming up, should ugly people be allowed on planes? first, we will not do this story. we will do the story on oil. so ignore this. a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help
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there are no health questions or medical exam. your rate will never go up, and your benefit will never go down due to age-- guaranteed! these days, the average cost of a funeral is over $7300, and social security pays a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for your loved ones. since 1994, over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did.
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bob henderson has dedicated
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the past 30 years to protecting a local preserve from drilling. but then he saw how much money was in it, and indeed the environmental crusader has morphed into a crusader. as a result, they stand to accrues as much as 600 million in oil revenues over a 25-year span. and it has sparked many. explains the turn coat, quote, it is not that i decided to destroy the preserve. it has the potential for the preservation effort. he is a member of the whittier hills oil watch, a fun group, by the way. we meet every wednesday. you can't one minute say i want to save these hills and then move to drill on them. oh yes you can. but perhaps the most compelling argument is from one concerned local.
2:23 am
>> how did you get my family footage. is that what you do? >> i remember that day sort of. >> those are the days of white oil. >> andrew, the drilling would destroy seven acres of a 1300 acre preserve. what is the big deal? >> that doesn't sound like a big deal. isn't that evolution? there is 600 million and it is not going to this guy, but it is going to community. what can they do with seven acres? and who in this argument is not using oil every day? that's all i keep thinking about. and they were protecting their land while using oil taken from another land. they are the hipocrites.
2:24 am
and i think the fact that somebody for 20 years was fighting against them and now they are for it. that shows you all the pluses that come from it. more drilling means more jobs. that was important with the unemployment rate and it was caused by the policies that you like, bob. it is important because it willower the price of gas. and it is going to make us less dependent on the middle east when every time there is a political uprising that it breaks up the price of oil. i know you don't want us to be less dependent. >> this is a good example of a guy and the huh poke craw see is no reason. the reason they need this money is all of you convinced us that it is terrible. they laid off all of these people. they have to go and dig up dinosaurs. it is too bad. he has to do it. i understand why he is doing it.
2:25 am
you call it hipocritical. i think it is survival for a town that has been absolutely drained by most towns. i think it is great huh poke craw see -- huh poke craw see. what is wrong with drilling? the big, giant drills and they are better looking than wind mills. >> i hate the tax breaks they get. but i am with scar face over here -- >> who is scar face? >> leave the gun and take the canoli. >> i thought he was cuban. >> it amounts to four city blocks. and this thing is almost 2,000 acres. why not save the town? >> what is wrong with drilling anyway? >> let's start with what happened on the gulf of
2:26 am
mexico. there is a start. >> mistakes happen. it is ugly. anytime you try to create something there is a risk. it happens with coal and everything in life. >> pharmaceuticals have risk. space programs have risk. everything that man does have a risk. >> believe me pharmaceuticals have risk. look, it has to be alternative energy. the price of oil is going up. why? because qaddafi is still in libya. he will be gone in two weeks. that deal is cut already. the iranians with all due respect -- we have a simple answer. the price would go to 300, 400.
2:27 am
>> what do you want? wind mills? do you want solar power? >> yeah. >> they want the head bobbing up and down. >> you ever try to sleep next to one of them? in high schools in california they have them everywhere. they are ugly. they are loud. >> we have killed so many birds. they are big, wooden cats. there is like big, wooden cats. >> i do hate cats. being a liberal i am for this example -- for example a dangerous species. they came up and they poured paint on my boots and they were made for a dangerous species. but the problem is you could get carried away with too manner -- too many things. you wonder where the segue is?
2:28 am
there is one. >> that is the best segue ever. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. still to come, one hell of a half time report i imagine. it is from tv's andy levy. >> tonight is sponsored by whales. the large marine mammal with a horizontal tail finish and a hole on top for breathing. thanks, whales. they
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don't think he is being true. >> i don't believe it. walt disney said it was true. >> it probably isn't, but it makes a hell of a good story so let's keep it going. let's not rain on it. >> it is my job to rain on fun. >> actually you are pretty funny. you would be worth getting up and watching at 3:00 in the morning. >> thank you. i get all of my strength and wisdom from my love of cats. >> is that before or after your daily psychiatric treatment. >> that makes sense. >> cox me down and stops the bad things. >> there are other things you can do to calm yourself down. >> i can't do them anymore, but you still can. >> if that is not a psa, i don't know what is.
2:34 am
>> do you have any leftover? >> thousands. >> this is your segment. >> i locked away a kilo of cocaine in a safe deposit box in case i had to get up and i can't find it. >> it has been 12 years and i can't find the box. i can't find it. >> we need a shot of bill because he has to be crying. >> this is like a year before i got clean. >> it was january 20th 2000. >> i like how you say it is personal after you tell us about it. you can't get anymore personal than that. >> yes, you can. >> we have to get on this. we have to retrace your snorts
2:35 am
and find it. >> you ain't got enough time. >> actually -- >> this looks like a great job. >> i want to listen -- i love this -- go ahead. >> this is the most motivated i have seen bill in the four and a half years i have seen him. it is amazing. >> getting back to the story, they are not trying to get this film banned. she is not trying to get it banned. >> she is trying to get it boycotted at that fun thing where everybody in new york goes and watches movies outside. >> but that's not a ban. >> are you right. thanks for the correction. let's get back to the issue. he is somebody i will go after every chance i can from now on. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know, but they all carry sharp knives, so i am worried. >> are you not lovable, bob.
2:36 am
>> not tonight. >> greg, were you trying to talk to me? >> got another question? >> i have a whole bunch of stuff. the thing is i don't think anybody remembers what i said six minutes ago. i want to move on to mila. you rattled off stats on casual sex and you said mila is full of it. she is out with a different guy every night. she never said anything about casual sex. she just said friends with benefits does not work. that is not the same thing as casual sex. >> i agree wholeheartedly. >> i disagree. >> how can you disagree? they are two different things. >> you are absolutely right. you don't know what fwb even means. >> what does it mean? >> well, when you are having sex with friends, isn't that casual sex? >> well friends with benefits generally means that you and one other person and your friends -- are you doing everything -- >> but it is casual. >> you are dating and everything.
2:37 am
>> and you one other person? >> as opposed to -- >> bob, bob. as opposed to casual sex which means you are sleeping with a whole bunch of different people. >> i'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. >> you are saying one person you hookup with on a regular basis and you don't love them, but you take the benefits. >> you love them as a friend. >> i think for bob it is casual sex when he is doing it in jeans rather than khakis. >> it sounds terribly boring to me. >> well, i tried to be friends with benefits with myself, but it didn't work out because it turned out i wanted more. >> that is a good line. >> we are used to that around here. >> you said you would have friends with benefits. please tell me mick rerooney is not involved. -- mickey rooney is not involved. >> mickey rooney got laid more than anybody on this panel. >> i believe that. >> that's not a big brain
2:38 am
buster. >> for 70 years old you hope so. >> there are monks who got laid more. >> be nice to your wife again. >> say something nice. you can be taken care of. >> i also don't think what she said about communism is so great. they say it is good in execution. communism was not good in theory. that's why it failed in execution. >> we will take anything because we don't hear anything like that. i guess we are. we don't net anything. -- we don't get anything. >> it is an excuse for cuba and north korea and china and the soviet union. come on, greg. >> you are great, man. >> i think you are really good. why did you end up on this thing? it is a long way.
2:39 am
>> i don't think so. >> was that directed at bill or masa? >> he was directing it to masa. >> i was going to say -- >> i don't ever make up for what i say earlier. i stand by what i say. >> i just wanted to make sure he wasn't saying that to bill. >> seriously. i think you are great. >> i think you are -- what is this? this is "red eye" with greg gutfeld. >> can i keep this fair and balanced? andy levy, you suck. >> i think are you a delight. >> can we end this love fest? >> do you have more questions? >> go back to your show. i will have my own show somewhere else. >> you go and have your own
2:40 am
show. >> get together with his wife. it would be a great gig. >> i am definitely going now. >> it is like you were never here. >> coming up, should the conservatives be buried alive? we discuss the new book, conservatives should be buried alive. and make sure to download the application for your ipad. stream live video and watch the latest red eye clips. you can download it from the apple app store on go to fox news .com slash ipad for more information.
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in his impressive career he worked alongside robert kennedy and jimmy carter and walter mondael.
2:44 am
now he works with me. if you haven't seen us on "the five" you are cheating yourself and god. well, he probably wanted to leave the show two minutes in let's ask other stuff. you have lived more life than anybody i know. >> the parts i can remember have really been good. you know what reason i talk about drugs and alcohol, i work with alcohol alcoholic usa lot. >> if i was like that when i was drinking -- i probably was. it was good for people who were alcoholics and drug addicts who finally found another wife. they would put it all out over the internet. >> it is like what obama did with the book. if you talk about it, nobody can go after it. very smart. bill does that every night. he puts it out there on the bar every night. >> you know what i'm doing is playing a role, america. >> yes, exactly.
2:45 am
>> just look at him and see if you believe that. >> what do you think so far? >> it is great. it is a different kind of show. it doesn't have a host which is good. this show might. >> i didn't get to know you until -- i think you are -- and i mean this with all sincerity. you are one of the funniest and easy people to work with. we will take it so far it couldn't make it one ron jeremy's network. >> you told -- by the way, he is a friend of mine. >> hi, how is it going? >> he has given you hours of entertainment. >> he was on the show and he wasn't wearing underwear and he stunk. >> how do you know? >> he was wearing sweatpants.
2:46 am
>> i have to tell you a story. i am out with hannity at one of his concerts. you noy how he does the concerts for those families whose fathers died in afghanistan and iraq? ron jeremy is there. the lead singing group was leonard skin nerd. so ron jeremy is the guest. somebody said will you take a picture with ron jeremy? i walk back stage and there he is. i thought, hold it! do you have any idea who that is? i said, 15,000 x-rated movies. i literally had to take ron outside and say i am a big fan and you know each other and you cants do it with this guy. you will ruin his career. but i can take a picture with him. >> you worked -- it was like the first talk show with tony snow, right? >> the first one on fox cable. it was called off the record.
2:47 am
they won an emmy when they took us off the air. but we followed "cops" and before" america's most wanted" so we didn't have the lead in we needed. >> but didn't tony help you a lot? >> he was great. he was one of the things -- this is sad. i love him. we gave a speech once and we had to fly overnight to get there. i was so hung over and i thought it was date before and it was the day after. tony went and wrote my speech including the shots i gave him. it was better than what i told him i missed him. by the way, the deputy secretary said i was the youngest in history. and they called me up and somebody from the administration called and said, how would you like to be a deputy assistant secretary of state. i said which state? he said the united states of
2:48 am
america and i said i don't know anything i was in the peace corp dodging the draft. what do i know about that? they said we have the panama canal treaties. they said why don't you stay here. and then they made me the assistant president of national security of national relations which means i had to carry that secure stuff up. if anybody out there couldn't get into the government because of a background, i applied for my security clearance and it was $36 9 pages. and it turns out my roommate was an fbi informant. i headed up athletes in the war in vietnam. i found him. >> i have a minute left. >> is that all we have? this has been your life.
2:49 am
why did you come to fox? >> i couldn't find work anywhere else. >> i came to fox. it was a true story. i got into a situation where i was extorted by a bunch of people for $50,000. i went to work with the cops undercover to try and catch them and it turns out this was a prostitution ring which it didn't do anything. and they asked me to set up a woman. long story short and they busted her. the next thing i know i get a call saying you were in a hotel room with a hooker and i said wait. the judge said -- judge, i gotta be able to talk. he said you can't, bob. there is a gag order. i said i might as well have gotten it while i was there then. >> thanks, bob. we are taking a break. stick around. lots to talk about. check out our pod cast. go to fox news radio .com. be honest with you.
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won't filing for social security benefits online be confusing? patty: george, it's simple and easy, and you can do it in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home! george: oh, my! patty: you've navigated through asteroid belts, right? george: oh sure, plenty of times. patty: compared to that, navigating is a snap! george: really? patty: it's so easy, even kirk could do it.
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cooper has been outed. the anchor ripped off a bit in january. it was a dramatic reading of snoo ky e's -- snoo ky e's
2:54 am
latest home. >> she pulled out all of the stops. >> they played the clip and they discussed it. >> wait a second. let's wind things back six months to january 10th setting the mood as this year, that's when fox news rising introduced a special segment called a moment of ?ook key. -- snookie. >> back in high school this kid i know went on the sky scraper after drinking a giant blue slurpee. when he was at the top and spinning he got sick. >> there was a stunning resemblance there. something familiar. >> yeah, yeah. gloat away. a dramatic reading of a jersey shore cast member's book when did i last see that? oh yeah, last october. i am pleased one of our guests is a huge fan and has agreed
2:55 am
to read an excerpt. john? >> greg, thank you. "the situation" writes," no matter what t-shirt you select whether it is fitted, graphic, see qen, bedazzled, deep v, wife beater or what have you, it is about being proud of who you are." >> wow, the caller outer has become the caller out ee. maybe. i don't know. basically i don't care. we will wrap it up with andy levy. to see clips go
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you can watch us on saturday at 2 a.m. eastern time. i will be back on monday at 5p.. a new "red eye" will return on monday as well. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. where is my friend, bob?
2:59 am
>> bob had to go. he had an appointment. >> he had an fwb appointment. >> yes, he did. no, he told me this was serious. >> where can people go to get their fix in between your "red eye" appearances? >> they can go to masamssa .com for the latest jie. excellent. are you going to be at comic-con next weekend? >> this is my first ever comic-con and thank you for asking. have you been before? >> i haven't, but i would like to go because i am a dork. >> i will go for you so live vicariously, my friend. >> where is it? >> san diego. >> sandy d. >> oh. >> i only have 10 seconds. i guess i will talk slowly and then kick it back to you, greg. >> you could. you could do that. a professional would have thought of something, but if you want to diddle-daddle. >> it killed the time and the space and now we are off to you and done. >> now we still have 10 seconds left. >> i have thrown it back to you. i am not even here anymore.s no.

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